Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To all MOG investors regarding Ombrina Mare

It is my understanding that one of MOG's greatest asset is Ombrina Mare, and that you are all eagerly awaiting for a resolution of the current impasse, so that drilling can commence.

It is my opinion that this will not happen, not now, not ever, for the simple reason that at this point Ombrina Mare has become a political issue, and that all political parties, from local muncipalities to the central government in Rome, from the extreme left to the extreme right, have expressed their opposition to Ombrina Mare.

Here are a few examples:

Mr. Clemente Senni, from MOG writes to Abruzzo's largest newspaper. The editor tells him 
"I think the project has zero possibilities of going ahead. Due to large opposition from the people, I doubt any politician will ever take the responsibility of starting drilling operations."

Ermete Realacci, head of the Italian Commission for the Environment, Chamber of Deputies.
"Ombrina does not have a chance"

Now, you may argue that these statements are related to the upcoming European elections. It may very well be that they are opportunistic in nature, and indeed I don't think these politicians really care about the environment myself.  But the point is that they reflect the general sentiment in Abruzzo - in all of Italy as a matter of fact - that we absolutely, positively don't want drilling in our seas.

We don't want you here.

Let me repeat: We don't want you here.

And that is a fact. And it has been true since day one of Ombrina Mare, back in 2008, and I promise you the people's will will not change after the elections, nor will we ever stop putting pressure on our politicians to do the right thing, whether they like it or not.

I don't care what you do with your money. In my humble opinion, certainly there are better things you could do with it rather than destroy our planet and keep feeding our addiction to fossil fuels, but if you think you will get rich off of Ombrina Mare, I think you are deluding yourselves.

And in case you are wondering where all this is coming from, you have guessed it right. From this tiny little blog written by a stubborn Bronx-born girl and her incessant activism. Mr. Morandi tried to shut me up and scare me away, but failed miserably. And a court agreed with me. And at this point, really, it is much bigger than me.  Ideas and knowledge have traveled far and out. MOG's lies have been thoroughly dissected,  everyone knows and hates them.

We kicked out ENI - do you really think Ombrina will make it?

For your entertainment.


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in carcere devi andare!