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Stop the frack attack - 28 July 2012 - Wash DC

Oggi giornata di protesta nazionale a Washington DC. Tutta la manifestazione si puo' seguire sul seguente link:


Questo e' stato registrato ieri, c'e' Josh Fox che parla sulla protesta

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Ci saranno migliaia di persone davanti al Congresso contro il fracking e per chiedere che la nostra acqua e i nostri terreni siano protetti che il fracking non sia piu' esente dalle leggi sulla qualita' dell'acqua, esenzione voluta da Dick Cheney.

Il succo del mesaggio e' qui:

I am calling to ask for your support for the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act, also known as the FRAC Act. The House bill is H.R. 1084, sponsored by Representatives DeGette, Hinchey and Polis.  The Senate bill is S. 587, sponsored by Senator Casey. Passing this law would repeal the oil and gas industry’s exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act. This would allow the EPA to regulate fracking’s impacts on our drinking water supply and force the oil and gas industry to publicly disclose the types, amounts, and combinations of chemicals they use in fracking. Will you cosponsor the FRAC Act and support national drinking water protections?”

A parlare ci saranno:

Bill McKibben, 350.org

Allison Chin,  Sierra Club

Josh Fox, Gasland

Calvin Tillman, ex sindaco di Dish, Texas

Laura Amos, attivista del Colorado

John Fenton, attivista del Wyoming

Kari Matsko, attivista dell'Ohio

Dayne Pratzky, attivista dall'Australia

Lori New Breast, attivista del Montana

Mike Tidewell, attivista del Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Jameson Lisak e Kelly Humprhreys delle comunita' giovanili della Pennsylvania

Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Medici per la responsabilita' sociale

Doug Shileds, amministratore di Pittsburg, citta' che ha vietato il fracking sul suo suolo cittadino


A rush to drill is sweeping the United States.  Across the country, the oil and gas industry is surging into new areas as quickly and cheaply as possible. 
And they have been using techniques like hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) long before we fully understand the extent of the negative impacts on the health of the local people, communities, water, air, climate, and other critical resources.
Landowners and communities are struggling to cope: Existing laws are outdated and loophole-riddled, and enforcement is universally inadequate and underfunded. We battle a persistent myth that gas is a “clean” energy – which is not only false, but keeps us from moving towards truly clean energy and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.
The result: as industry rakes in record profits from fracking-enabled drilling, it passes on drilling’s heaviest costs to landowners, local communities and future generations. That’s because elected leaders (sometimes influenced by dirty energy money) too often refuse to hold the industry accountable for the damage they cause, or require them to prevent it.
The rush to drill, and the tragic consequences that follow, has made fracking a household word.  In the process it has made “fracktivists” out of thousands of ordinary citizens — including some who regard “environmentalist” as a dirty word.  Some are working to prevent fracking in their communities.  Those already affected are fighting to protect their air, water, and health.
We all want to STOP THE FRACK ATTACK – the out-of-control rush to drill that is putting oil and gas industry profits over our health, our families, our property, our communities, and our futures. 
Now is the time for us all to unite and demand that decisionmakers inside the Beltway hear our voice and take action to change the way the oil and gas industry operates in this country.
On July 28th, 2012, we invite community members and organizations everywhere to join us in Washington, D.C. for a rally at the Capitol to demand no more drilling that harms public health, water, and air. Instead of pushing for the increased use of oil and gas, elected officials and public agencies must insist that the industry stop all drilling that is dirty and dangerous, and put communities and the environment first, starting by removing special exemptions and subsidies for the oil and gas industry.
Join community leaders, celebrities and policymakers and add your voice to the call for a clean, fossil fuel free energy future.
Won’t you join us?

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