Wednesday, July 10, 2013

David Letterman contro il fracking

Per chi non lo conoscesse, David Letterman e' uno dei comici piu' amati d'America. Ha uno show la sera, molto seguito. Qui dice la sua contro il fracking, attaccando "the greedy oil and gas companies of this country", le "avide ditte del petrolio e del gas di questo paese".

Ecco le sue parole - in TV e senza censura. Le ha dette non da comico ma in modo serio. Dire queste cose non puo' che fargli onore. E' come se Roberto Benigni andasse in TV a dire in modo serio che le trivelle dei petrolieri avvelenano la nostra acqua, il nostro ambiente, le nostre vite.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're screwed.

Here's what I know about fracking:

The greedy oil and gas companies of this country have decided that they can squeeze every last little ounce of oil and gas out of previously pumped wells by injecting the substrata of our planet with highly toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, which then seep into the aquifer and hence into the water supply of Americans.

The Delaware water gap has been ruined.
The Hudson Valley has been ruined.
Most of Pennsylvania has been ruined.
Virginia, West Virginia has been ruined.
Colorado has been ruined.
New Mexico has been ruined.

They are poisoning our drinking water.

And the EPA said, "You know what? You no longer have to comply with EPA standards for stuff you put into the water." So the greedy oil and gas companies said, "Great, let's go crazy".

And then some states are saying, "No, we have transparency laws".

So the oil and gas companies say, "Okay, we'll tell you everything but two percent of what we're putting into your tap water."

And that's supposed to make us feel better?

Ladies and Gentleman we're screwed.

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Paul G. said...

Wow, it's nice to see the "shill for GE" make good and use his show to address this issue. 26 years ago he certainly wouldn't have said this kind of thing.


Nicely done Mr. Letterman!

Hope all is well Maria, thank you for continuing to fight the good fight!